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Quality assurance

Tianen always adheres to pay attention to quality more above everything philosophy. From the specific details to embody “Details reveal charm”. Tiane clarifies obligations and examination requirements of every staffs. Besides, Tianen also have made the prediction of working quality and   outcome evaluation. From the view of management, Tianen makes the long-term objectives, annual objectives and managerial principles. And Tianen makes statistical management of costs.

And on this basis we establish the rules of quality improvements.


1. Quality policy and target

Making the quality policy and target from analyzing product quality. Gathering and analyzing the information about customer complaints, return rate, undesirable bought-in component, etc. Besides, giving emphasis to analyze the targets and weakness and mobilizing the team to improve.


2. Responsibility

As the operator, it’s important to have an explicit idea about all departments’ respective responsibility, duty for ensuring quality.


3. Quality records

Building up the strict quality management system and making the methods of quality management to ensure the quality. In product identification on some products, there are specific production date and manufacturing worker. Therefore, it can help us to control and adjust.


4. Training and improving

To arouse vitality of each department, Tianen encourages all staffs to work happily and efficiently.

In a favorable environment, with the guidance of team concept, all staffs could play their strengths.

5. Manufacturing process

Adding more equipment such as mould, tongs, etc. Upgrading working procedure, working place, production line to realize unified process and high-efficient production.


6. After-sale service

The product warranty period of most products is 1 year. The product warranty period of some specific products is 3~5 years. Some product can extend the shelf-life automatically (e.g. differential pressure gauge). It only needs flat cost when the products is in the process of repair.


 Some of above texts appeared in MQM.

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14th Sep, 2017